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The majority of features can be represented within OpenStreetMap as a single element (node/way/relation) with either a single tag, or a small number of tags to classify it. For example a path with a single tag for classification (e.g. highway = footway ), and perhaps a name by using name =* . Map features layer in JOSM. All Mapillary map features are now available in OpenStreetMap (OSM) tools with recent upgrades to JOSM and iD editors, also reflected in the RapiD editor. Mappers can now access not only traffic signs, but other point data with a related OSM tag by activating the map features layer in the Mapillary section of either editor.

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However, the project also provides an application programming interface (API) for fetching raw data from and saving to the OSM database. The OpenStreetMap project provides data in the OSM XML format, which consists of three basic elements: Leaflet is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. Weighing just about 39 KB of JS , it has all the mapping features most developers ever need. Leaflet is designed with simplicity , performance and usability in mind. OSM Data format. OpenStreetMap uses a topological data structure, elements are the core components: Nodes are points features, stored as pairs of coordinates (latitude and longitude) Point Features are used to represent map features, such as points of interest or depth, well etc.

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OpenStreetMap (OSM) är ett öppet  Create features from geometries in WKT (Well Known Text) format.